What we're learning: Enhancing value and exploring challenges and good practices in school meal program implementation
Forum Objectives:
  1. Explore the main challenges that countries face in implementing and sustaining school feeding programs
  2. Underscore the importance of setting standards and ensuring quality in school feeding programs
  3. Explore the links between investing in school nutrition and the development of human capital


The agenda is subject to change.
Please check back regularly for updates.

TimeActivitySession Notes
17:00-19:00Pre-Forum Dinner and Early Event Check-inRSVP for Pre-Forum Dinner at this link

TimeActivitySession Notes
~ an hourBreakfast 
8:30-10:30Registration and MarketPlace Setup 
10:30-12:00Orientation to the Forum

How to Get the Most out of the Forum: A Session for First-time Participants and Returning Participants

  • Key administrative, logistical, and schedule information
  • Introduction of organizers and on-site helpers
  • Introduce Communique and setup Communique working group
  • Introduction to Global Survey Country Reports
13:30-16:30Opening Ceremony

Presentation by Organizers:

  • GCNF – Dr. Ron Kleinman
  • WFP Centre – Mr. Daniel Balaban
  • Cambodia – H.E. Dr. Sann

Address from high level speakers:

  • Ms. Valerie Guarnieri, WFP AED
  • Others Pending

Introduction of countries and all represented

  • Host declares the Forum open
  • Keynote (Pending)
16:30-17:30Opening Cocktail in the Market Place 
17:30-19:00DinnerDinner Provided

TimeActivitySession Notes
~ an hourBreakfast 
8:30-8:45Review of the Opening Day and AnnouncementsReview of Day One and Introduction to the Day’s Theme: What We’re Learning about School Meals and SDGs
8:45-9:45Plenary – What We’re Learning: Partnerships for Accomplishing the SDGs: Implementation Challenges and Good Practices in School Meal Program Partnerships

Plenary Moderator: Arlene Mitchell, Global Child Nutrition Foundation

  • Carmen Burbano, World Food Programme
  • Rafael Fabrega, Tetra Laval
  • Daniel Mumuni, Catholic Relief Services
  • Ben Muskovitz, USDA Foreign Agricultural Service
  • Regional Entity (Pending)
9:45-10:45Plenary – What We’re Learning: Implementing School Meal Programs in the Asia RegionPlenary Moderator: Francesca Erdlemann, WFP Cambodia
Highlights from Asia Region leaders. Highlights center on 3 key mesages from their programs: 1) Major success; 2) Major challenge; 3) Major goal going forward + Country Reports available with more data
10:45-11:15Coffee BreakHeld in the MarketPlace
11:15-12:15Plenary – What We’re Learning 3: School Meal Program Implementation in Other RegionsPlenary Moderator: Mariana Rocha
Highlights from other countries/leaders (ministers or other high-level reps) present. Highlights center on 3 key messages from their programs: 1) Major success; 2) Major challenge; 3) Major goal going forward + Country Reports available with more data
13:45-14:00Introduction & Logistics for Workshops 
14:00-16:00Workshop Session 15 Workshops to be Held Concurrently
16:00-16:30Coffee BreakHeld in the MarketPlace
16:30-17:45Plenary: School Feeding in Cambodia Speakers TBC
17:45-EndFree EveningDinner not provided

TimeActivitySession Notes
~ an hourBreakfast 
8:00-8:15Review of Tuesday and AnnouncementsReview of Day Two and Introduction to the Day’s Theme: School Food, Nutrition, and Complementary Investments
8:15-9:30Plenary: What We’re Learning: Nutrition & School Feeding: Investing in Human Capital

Plenary Moderator: Dr. Ron Kleinman, Global Child Nutrition Foundation

  • Dr. Nadia Dalma, Prolepsis Institute
  • H.E. Minister Dechen Wangmo, Bhutan Ministry of Health
  • Ms. Li Li, National Institute for Nutrition and Health, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention
9:30-10:45Plenary: What We’re Learning: Making the Most of Your School Feeding Investments: Maximizing ROI through Complementary Activities

Plenary Moderator: TBC

  • Mr. Yannick Foing, DSM
  • Mrs. Mary-Jane Morifi, Tiger Brands Foundation
  • Ms. Seung Lee, Save the Children
  • Ms. Fatima Hachem, FAO
  • Mr. Anthony Mackintosh, ZIMSWAP
  • Ms. Lynn Brown, HarvestPlus
10:45-11:15Coffee BreakHeld in the MarketPlace
11:15-12:15Country Sharing Session 1Review of Global Survey Country Report and 3-4 countries reporting on a key theme
13:45-15:00Workshop Session 25 Workshops to be Held Concurrently
15:00-15:30Coffee BreakHeld in the MarketPlace
15:30-17:30Country Sharing Session 26 Additional Countries reporting on a key theme
17:30-EndFree EveningDinner not provided
Time Activity Session Notes
Departure/Breakfast Early departure for school and field visits. Breakfast will be packed to go.
5:45-6:25 Travel to Schools Details to shared soon.
6:25-8:25 School Visits Breakfast to be eaten in the field
8:25-9:00 Return from Schools Return to venue around 9:00, no later than 9:30
9:00-9:30 Coffee Break Held in the MarketPlace
9:30-10:30 School Visits Debrief
10:30-12:30 Workshop Session 3 5 Workshops to be Held Concurrently
12:30-14:00 Lunch
14:00-16:00 Country Sharing Session 3 6 Additional Countries Reporting on a Key Theme
16:00-16:30 Coffee Break Held in the MarketPlace
17:00-17:30 Group Photo Location TBD
17:30-End Gala Dinner Dinner and Performance Provided

TimeActivitySession Notes
8:30-8:45Review of Thursday and Announcements 
8:45-9:00Reading of the Draft CommuniquePresented by the Communique Working Group
9:00-10:30Regional Cooperation MeetingsFacilitated Regional Discussions of Cooperation and Issues in School Feeding (Regional Groupings TBC)
10:30-11:00Communique and Evaluation 
11:00-11:30Closing Ceremony
  • Remarks from the Floor
  • Organizers’ Final Remarks
  • Closing Speakers
  • Host Announces the Closure of the 21st Annual Global Child Nutrition Forum